Thursday, November 18, 2010

Green Christmas

No, I don't mean an environmentally-friendly Christmas, although that's good and important as well.  I mean, a warm, tropical, breezy, green Christmas.  Maybe it's because the radio station for my alarm suddenly switched to a 24-7 Christmas channel (even before Tgiving!), but the holiday is on my mind today.

My first choice will always be an East Coast (maybe New England) Christmas -- freshly fallen snow, twinkle lights, the smell of pine, shoppers bustling around.  But my second choice is a Hawaiian holiday ... H and I went for the first time earlier this year for our honeymoon and it was paradise.  We hope to go back in 2011, and I hope we can spend a few Christmases there (with family, of course) in the future . . .

Four Seasons at Maui -- our honeymoon hotel; highly recommend, no better place on Maui


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