Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Part II and Happy 2011!

First off, I can't believe the first decade of the 2000's is over.  I still remember Y2K mania like it was yesterday!  Time truly does fly.  It's not just the end of one year, it's the end of one decade.  When I look back on this decade, I think it was well-spent.  I graduated from college, grad school, became a professional, made money for the first time, made good friends, "immigrated" to California, and married my density. 

My wishes for 2011 are the same as my wishes for every new year (or at least every new year spent as an adult with mature wishes, LOL).  Resolutions are also basically the same.  I always have (1) physical; (2) mental; and (3) something concrete and specific.  I'm pretty good about resolutions.  I can think of two in particular that I follow through on, even years later.  This year's resolutions follow the same formula.  

I'm really excited about 2011.  I hope it'll be an awesome year!!  Happy New Year!!

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  1. hey, good call on the "end of a decade" thing! i didn't realize - it really was the end of a decade a few days ago. time for some real reflection, i guess! and maybe some real resolutions. it has been a banner year for you. may 2011 be even better!


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