Monday, December 6, 2010


The holiday dessert party/apt-warming that H and I threw on Friday night was a big success.  I ended up making too many desserts and too much food so we have leftovers.  Ugh.  Dessert leftovers.  Somehow perfectly timed with my attempt to get back into shape.  Why, universe, why. 

I made brownies, gingerbread, vanilla cake with light coffee whipped frosting/peanuts, and I bought sweet potato mini tartlets, cheese cake (which I doled out with whipped cream and berries), cheeses/crackers, and fruit.  Whew. 

Third/top tier not shown

The pennants were a big hit; made from Interweb tutorials; and I totally repurposed an empty plastic container to make a 1-time use cakestand.  Woot.


  1. hehehe i LOVE that you are a fan of bunting flags!! im sure you can probably tell i am too from my blog banner!!

  2. very impressive baking! hungry!


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