Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Harry Potter (a review, sort of)

I started out as a bit of a HP hater when I first heard of the series back in 2001.  I never liked fantasy novels as a child and I wasn't about to start reading them as a 20-something.  Then, I went to watch a movie with my friend but it was sold out.  The ONLY thing available was HP 1.  We watched it.  I LOVED IT.  I caught up on all of the books my last year of grad school when I found myself with free time, a reading lamp beside my bed, and friends willing to lend me HP books indefinitely.

Back to the present.  We watched the latest movie.  I liked it.  Sort of.  I knew it'd be dark, and it was.  Honestly, it's been so long since I read the last book that I forgot a few things.  Like when Nagini jumped out of the old lady.  Or that Mad Eye Moody died.  Or the whole bad-feelings-coming-out-of-the-locket thing.

But the highlights for the movie for me were:  RON.  HERMIONE.  The cinematography.  When I said to H, "Man, I'd have been so mad if that happened at our wedding!"  And H responded, "Yeah, if Deatheaters had swooped in from the sky and attacked people?  That would've sucked."

The lowlights:  HARRY.  His acting is the worst of the lot.  So wooden.  And he is so tiny compared to the others.  Plus, he had no chemistry with Ginny or Hermione in those AWFUL kissing scenes.  Why, JK, why.  I cringed.

H thought the whole thing was a let-down; too little action for too long a movie.  We agreed that it was really for "the true believers" because there is no way you could walk into that movie and know what the heck is going on unless you already know the details pretty well.  And the book is infinitely better, of course.


  1. What? Mad-eye moody dies?! Thanks a lot for ruining the whole movie. Next time you have a post like this, make sure to put "*SPOILER ALERT*" in huge, flashing, red text. Your post reminded me of a recent dream in which I was a Hollywood star and my most well-known role was Mad-eye Moody! I'm dead@!!!!!

  2. HAHA! You haven't read the books? If it makes you feel any better, it's so inconsequential to the movie that it's not even shown. Someone just mentions it in passing!


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