Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yesterday also marked 30 years after Lennon's death.  Weird to think that our lives overlapped only 3 months.   I'm a HUGE Beatles fan.  It all started in high school when my AP Gov't friend made me a Beatles mix-tape.  Then, I randomly saw A Hard Day's Night and Help! in a back-to-back feature on PBS.  From then on, I was HOOKED.  I even walked up the aisle to Here, There and Everywhere.   

Lennon was the soul of the Beatles (sorry McCartney-loving lightweights).  I caught Imagine:  John Lennon on BBC America last night and it was fantastic.  A must-see for all Lennon/Beatles fans.  You come away thinking this was a person with a conscience, and yes, he actually really seemed to love Yoko. 

Taken on Wilshire.


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