Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Swan (a review)

We saw Black Swan a few days ago.  I wasn't planning to watch it, so of course, I had read the entire Wikepedia entry and knew exactly what happened beforehand.  It made the movie less suspenseful (duh) but it I still enjoyed it.  Takeaways:  the direction and cinematography were pretty good.  I knew right away that it wasn't going to be one of those typical Hollywood movies because of the way the movie felt, with Natalie Portman's head bobbing along as she walked to Lincoln Center.  I liked it. 

Speaking of Natalie Portman, she definitely looks like she's aged, which is not cool because she's around my age.  The camera loves her though and her face is all delicate, refined beauty, and angles.  Mila Kunis was a different sort of face, entirely, with bulging features--a "loud" face.  Maybe that was the point, since she's supposed to be Portman's antithesis and all.   

The ballet scenes were beautiful; the mom was super creepy and I couldn't figure out why she wanted to trash the entire cake; the director-guy was sketchy and gross but funny; I totally didn't recognize Wynona Ryder, and New York was the perfect backdrop--cold, dark, but cultured and full of beauty.  


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