Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diego Part Deux

I last left off with us alighting from our kayaks.  We quickly changed clothes and headed over to Coast Boulevard Park.  I'd been once before, during my first trip to California in college, and remember thinking that it looked like some gorgeous scene from a movie.  It was just too beautiful to be real.  What a difference ten years makes.  I feel like I've seen so many incredible California vistas since then.  I wasn't swooning like I did back as a 20-yr old, but H and I still thought it was pretty remarkable...

I pondered deep thoughts (or, you know, I posed).


The lighting during the sunset was incredible.  These are straight out of our camera.  H got some great shots with the orange hues in the sky.  If you want to go, get the timing right like we were lucky enough to do this trip.  Go kayaking and do activities in the late morning/early afternoon and then head out to Coast Blvd Park around 3pm (if you're visiting in winter).  We got a good two hours to walk around and take photos in daylight, we saw the sunset brilliantly, and then left right afterward when it got dark/cold. 

One thing we saw during our walk were some of the cutest (and loudest) sea lions ever.  It was great to see them in nature.  They made the Fisherman Wharf sea lions in SF look like seasoned city dwellers.  Up next!


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