Monday, January 24, 2011


This blog is slowly turning into an ode to California.  Totally unintentional but how can it not?  This state is just so photogenic.  H and I took a day-trip to San Diego on Saturday.  Where but in CA can you go from skiing one weekend to kayaking in the beautiful ocean the next?

75 degrees, sunny skies, shorts, gelato.  It was heavenly.  

About to head out


 We rented a two-person, sit-a-top kayak and took to the Pacific.  Three dolphins, countless sea lion (including one that looked at us and blinked), an army of pelican, and two hours later, we felt like we had conquered the ocean!  Okay, I did.  Ha.  It was so much fun!  It was also scary.  We saw kelp forests that reached down into the depths.  We went farther out into the ocean than either of us had ever been out before.  And we almost got tipped over by a dolphin (or so I feared).  We were technically kayaking over an underwater canyon (gulp) so we couldn't see all that much into the water, which made it creepier.  No sea turtles this time (that was in Maui), but a lot more diversity.

This picture doesn't do it justice; there were over 30 pelican sitting in a line.
 Unfortunately, no pics of the dolphins.  We were too busy admiring them and the zoom on my point-and-shoot is woefully inadequate.

We made it!

We then changed clothes and headed out to the beautiful beach-side paths that we'd seen from our kayak.  That's where the real photo fun begins.  DSLR goodness + perfect San Diego sunset = amazing pictures.  Stay tuned!


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