Tuesday, January 18, 2011

West Coast Ski

H and I went skiing this past weekend and we had a ton of fun.  I also learned a few things:
  • Skiing in California is unreal.  It was literally 70 degrees when we got to the mountain.  I saw people skiing in tank tops and t-shirts.  It was lovely but very different from what I'm used to--East Coast skiing is like a battle against the elements.  Ice, wind, snow, seriously chapped lips.
  • My husband is a way, WAY better skier than me and apparently, a lot faster too because every time we started off together, he'd somehow end up having to wait for me every few minutes until I moseyed along down at my speed of 1 mph.
  • Snowboarders are scary because they're constantly sitting EVERYWHERE.  At the top of hills, at the bottom, and everywhere in between.  I'm like "Get up already!"
  • I need to learn how to keep my skis from doing the "V."  
  • Women who ski well look awesome.  I saw a bunch of ladies sashaying down the hills in super cute snowgear and really nice slalom form and thought that they looked fabulous.
  • Names/labels matter, for good or for bad.  I did a bunch of blues and had nary a problem.  But on our last run of the day, the route we were going to take down to the base had closed so we had to take an alternate.  This one was blues with a smattering of black diamond along the way.  I've never done a black before.  Ever.  So, of course, I hyperventilated and was convinced that I'd have to walk halfway down the mountain in my boots.  Turns out I was fine once I accepted I was going to have to do it.  And it wasn't really any harder than the blues I'd been doing.  Lesson learned.
Some assorted pics below:

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  1. good job on getting down the blue with smatterings of black diamond. go to tahoe next time, it's another world!


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