Sunday, February 27, 2011

Palm Springs

Not the best weather, but a great time had by all.  Happy Bday to my FIL and many more! 

Our favorite things about Palm Springs during our short visit: 

Gorgeous mid-century modern, truly Californian architecture.  Apparently, the Bauhaus movement was big there.  (As a side-note, H and I met in a Bauhaus-style building--you know, totally unornamented, utilitarian, stark, some would say horribly ugly, you get the picture).  But seriously, if you like classic Californian 1950's era homes (think low-pitched roof, open-beam ceiling), Palm Springs has a lot of eye candy. 

We also really liked the restaurant where we gathered for my FIL's birthday dinner:  Spencer's.  Special shout-out to my SIL for choosing it.  The food was good, service was attentive, and ambience just right!  Also, any place that serves fries with truffle oil is okay by me. 

Things about Palm Springs that confused us:  how did this place become a go-to spot?  It's in the middle of the desert!  What do people do in the summer when it's routinely in the 90s/100s? 

The house where we stayed.


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