Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paris FTW!

It's going to be the city of love for these two newlyweds (can we still say that when June hits?) . . . H and I have both been before, but that was ages ago and it's time to go back.  We're all booked with our plane tickets and we have our hotel reservations in hand (one luxury chain and one boutique hotel).  This time around, here are some things I vow to do in Paris:
  • Walk to as many places as possible.  Being a native New Yorker in SoCal, my legs get antsy when I don't get to do enough hoofing.
  • Eat as many macarons as time, money, and stretchy pants allow.  Stock up, Laduree, I'm coming!!
  • Eat as much gelato as possible.  What? France is near Italy!
  • Read up on the French Revolution before my trip.  I love me some world history!!


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