Friday, February 11, 2011

Potato Goodness

I made latkes earlier this week!  Okay, they may not have technically been latkes.  I've never had a latke before, but this was definitely a potato pancake of sorts, and it was delicious.  H thought I had bought them somewhere -- I love it when that happens! 

This one's a little crispy on the edges but still oh-so-tasy
All you need to do is:  shred the potatoes in food processor, squeeze the excess water out, mix with S&P and 1 egg (and diced onions, optional), add a little flour if still too wet, pat into pancakes, and pop into a pan.  They should come out crispy and delicious. 


  1. what a coincidence! i made latkes last week! and i also had never eaten a latke before. what! however, i labored over shredding the potatoes and onion with a grater, which was the opposite of fun and left me covered in onion juice.

  2. haha! I'll have to make these with onions next time. I put "optional" for the onions b/c I forgot to add em :)


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