Friday, February 4, 2011

Recession Chic?

I know that the recession is old news.  And aren't we on the upswing finally?  Seems like someone finally sent the "hey, everyone's hurting" memo to Tiffany because I was pawing through their February 2011 catalog (you know, the one they "conveniently" send a few weeks before Valentine's Day) and saw a lot of reasonably-priced things.  Okay, so reasonably-priced for TIFFANY.  Their silver stuff is notoriously over-priced for what it is, but a lot of it is now $100.  And where there used to (and I mean, as recently as a few months ago) only be two pieces for $100, now there are several. What gives? 

And because it's beautiful (and STILL way overpriced--H, please look away), here's my favorite line from Tiffany:  Jazz!  Annoyingly, the Jazz line has survived the recession pricing.   



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