Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two things

This week has been busy with work and woefully lacking in the blogging inspiration department.  Two things though--one light and inane, one serious and worthy of contemplation.  First, a Starbucks is opening nearby.  I'm elated.  This neighborhood has very few coffee options and while it might not be a Blue Bottle or approach anything artisinal in terms of coffee delights, it'll do.  Second, I'm thinking of becoming a quasi-vegetarian.  I'm going to have to ease into this.  Pork is definitely being eased out.  Maybe more?  I've never really been into the vegetarian scene--too restrictive and I love steak--but I've now seen one too many animal cruelty exposes to proceed without supreme guilt.  So, we'll see.  Baby steps!

And because these make me happy, and no meat is involved, I now present:  more macarons.  I shall feast on you soon, my dearies!  You get me, right, Lai?  Doesn't this photo just scream "waste your money on me!!"?


1 comment:

  1. I get you! I so get you!

    You're right, that teetering tower of macarons is really pretty impressive. Like a tiny sugary Eiffel Tower. Speaking of which, be sure to blog about The Real Things when you go to Paris, LovelyCozy!

    I can't believe you're turning vegetarian! Good on you! If you ever feel yourself wavering, slap on the movie Babe. That little talking pig gets me every time.


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