Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hyped Foods

You know how there are those "institutions" of food that people insist that you go visit when you're new to an area?  H and I ventured to one of those places last week, kind of by accident.  We were passing by the entrance to the parking lot, we were hungry, and frankly we'd had about enough of hearing "You haven't been to Philippe's?  You have to go Philippe's." 

So, we went.  We walked in and there were something like 8 very orderly lines of patrons all waiting to get up to the little ladies behind the wide glass case.  I have to say, they were adorable -- some of them wore these cute retro 50's diner-esque uniforms, complete with headpieces.  Some of the prices were even pretty old school.  Iced tea is something like 65 cents per glass.  Since their specialty is the French Dipped sandwich, H and I both had one, along with a shared side of macaroni salad.  Meh.  It was okay.  Comfort food, I guess.  But it wasn't knock your socks off, and after waiting in line for 25 minutes after hearing about it countless times, I kind of expected more...Hyped food, there you have it.


  1. you gotta learn to ignore the hype and go in with low expectations no matter what. that way, most of the time you'll be pleasantly surprised. the greatest benefit of pessimism.

  2. I generally apply that rule, but when it comes to food, I get all optimistic! LOL


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