Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm really stretching these Paris posts out, aren't I?  Can I help it if I have a little withdrawal?  Seriously, it's been a few weeks now since we've gotten back but we've still got Paris on the brain.  I'm wrapping up these posts quickly though, with only one more left after this.  I just had to share these pics of Notre Dame.  We were lucky enough to get to see the church during a service, and it was magical inside.  All of the tourists knew to be polite and quiet, and there was a quiet solemnity that somehow paired well with the beautiful architecture.  I was moved!  I even lit a candle (for 2 euros).

And of course, Versailles.  Best things about it:  quick train ride on a Sunday morning, short lines because of off-season, gorgeous vistas both inside and out, and ample time to explore the gardens at our own pace.  Oh, and a Laduree inside!


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