Friday, April 22, 2011

Nesting Bug

To all the newlyweds out there (or the couples post-wedding, pre-kids), what is about being in that stage of life that turns you into a serious nester?  I guess it makes sense, and I always did have a bit of a nesting streak in me (I've loved the NYT Real Estate section since 11th grade), but it hit me big time this year.  I can't get enough of apartment therapy, Design Sponge, Young House Love and the like.  I'm even considering subscribing to Architectural Digest or maybe Elle Decor.  (The problem with those rags, of course, is that they feature only the most beautiful, uber luxe manses or manses in the sky which provides little to no inspiration for normal homes for the rest of us).

Here's my problem:  like many young couples out there, H and I are ready to upgrade in terms of living space, etc., but we're not ready for that McMansion in the burbs yet.  I'm not quite convinced I'll ever be totally ready.  An afternoon in Orange County seriously depresses me (true story; it happened just last weekend).

So, then, how do you find a place that you love and can do up the way you want, but that you won't outgrow in a few years time?!  This is particularly perplexing when you want to buy.  I did not grow up moving around a lot as a kid so the idea of buying a place that you'll only get to live in for a few years is utterly foreign to me.  Maybe it's inevitable that you get the "starter home" and then upgrade when the next bug--the baby bug--hits?

Oh, and then here's the last twist (one, however, that I need not address for YEARS):  I LOVE California but the real estate on the East Coast appeals to me much, much more.  My dream home is and has always been a house (read: apartment) in the sky.  In urban-sprawl LA-LA land, that simply does not exist.   

If you can believe it, this is a pied-a-terre in NYC (some people have too much $).  Dreamy, isn't it?

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  1. There are nice apartments and 4-story flat buildings in SF that give you a pretty good view, especially if you get one on a hill!


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