Monday, April 11, 2011

Olvera Street

I'd walked through the Olvera Street Plaza a handful of times, but never stopped to look around.  It was never the destination; it was always just sort of "along the way."  H had the great idea to finally make it our destination on Sunday afternoon.  Everywhere I looked there was something photo-worthy.  Of course, we didn't bring the DSLR.  So the Droid had to do.

Olvera Street is apparently the oldest part of downtown LA.  It's basically this small walking lane that features all sorts of shops selling everything from Mexican trinkets to leather goods to really good tacos.  The weather was impeccably LA-perfect.  We took photos, walked around, soaked up the sun, and finally pulled out our Yelp app to find the best place to eat.  We found it in La Buena Noche.  We forgot to take pics there, mainly because we were too busy figuring out what manner of deliciousness to eat.  Sopa/tamales/taquitos for him, tacos/enchilada for me.  Olvera Street is going to be CRAZY on Cinco de Mayo!

This church was founded in 1791!

This was creepy.  That white figure is on stilts wearing a full white face mask, and he was beckoning people to come in.  Aren't churches supposed to be inviting places?!  I felt bad for the children passing by; they were terrified.


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