Friday, April 8, 2011

The One Where I Became an Angeleno

Okay, okay, so eating from a food truck does not make one an Angeleno.  And yes, I've eaten from a food truck both here in LA and in other parts of the US before.  But, the "food truck revolution" did start here, and it really is a part of the culinary culture in this city.  The thing I find frustrating about them is that they're never where you want them to be.  For this reason, we still haven't been to the more popular trucks (Nom Nom truck for bahn mi; Grill Em All for grilled stuff (duh), and Kogi truck (for Korean tacos)) because they're always far away (either in distance or in LA-traffic-world; urban sprawl, anyone?) or "off" on the nights we want to go.

So imagine our surprise and delight when we came back from an outing last week to find some sort of FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL steps away.  Um, hi, where have you been all my life?  None of the heavy hitters were there, but who cares?  It was heaven.  My sweet tooth sought out the most sugary, calorie-ridden dessert I could find.  I found it in Cool Haus.  Everyone else must have felt the same way because the line was crazy long when every other truck had maybe a 2 minute wait.

I LOVE how they like Bauhaus.  How random is that!  A truck after my own heart.

I had the mascarpone and fig ice cream with double-chocolate cookies.  DELICIOUS.  But very unwieldy.  And probably overpriced at $5.  H had the pear sorbet with lemon and rosemary cookies.  Eh.  The sorbet was good but the cookies were too hard.  Not the best ice cream sandwiches I've had but great branding.  I'd probably go back again, but I wouldn't chase it all over LA.


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