Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spa Food

I recently saw some pictures online of a yoga retreat -- I had no interest in the yoga part (I tried it, I'm not into it), but I really liked the pictures of the food served!  You know, a lot of salad, organic stuff, quinoa, the like.  I saw one dish that looked like some sort of polenta cake with salad and beans, and thought to recreate it somewhat.  I heated up some slices of pre-made Trader Joe's polenta in a skillet with a tiny slab of butter, then chopped up some button mushrooms and sauteed them with some garlic in that same skillet after the polenta was done and plated.  Served with a heaping side of salad, and we had our own little yoga retreat dinner.  Kudos to H for being a good sport about it.  He's a meat-guy so this was bird food to him!

1 comment:

  1. looks delicious. throw in some soy or egg for H's protein next time!


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