Monday, May 9, 2011

Fool me once...

Ugh, it happened again.  Remember this post?  The one in which I lamented overly-hyped foods?  Oops, we did it again.  We ate somewhere that is so overly-hyped that it's the proud recipient of almost 2,500 yelp reviews, all pretty uniformly calling this the best ramen shop of all time--Daikokuya. 

Now, since moving to CA almost three years ago, I've learned a few things about yelp.  First, you have to take the reviews with a grain of salt.  People who don't like places just naturally tend not to write about them--they should, but they just don't.  So you get this over-representation of positive reviews.  Second, I think maybe it works better in SF where it's more popular, but in LA, it's just kind of eh.  A lot of places just don't have that many reviews.  But at 2,442 reviews, and a wait that always seems to be over 1 hour no matter what day of the week (when neighboring ramen shops are EMPTY), we thought we hit the jack pot when we walked by last week at lunch time and the wait was ten minutes.  We hopped in, yelped for the best menu options, and ordered.

Both H and I got the regular ramen with "back fat," supposedly some umami-making wonder fat.  H also got a side of rice with chicken teriyaki.  A big "meh" to both.  It was okay, but no better really than the ramen I've had elsewhere.  DEFINITELY and WITHOUT A DOUBT not worth a wait of more than 25 minutes.  Plus, I got a raging MSG headache of some sort after lunch.  Ew.  Hyped foods, I wish I knew how to quit you.



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