Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy News

Lots of happy news lately!  Primarily in the way of babies, but my friend W recently announced her marriage and her upcoming celebration this summer.  To give her a "virtual" hug, I sent her a little card.  I cut out the card from some card-stock that I have, folded it into a neat little hexagon with the flaps tucked in, and then cut out a rose shape with petals from wrapping paper.  Hot glued the rose onto some twine and sent it off, crossing my fingers that it wouldn't get crushed like a pancake!


  1. wow. i hope i get something 1/10 as nice when i finally get engaged. well, how'd it go? did it get there in one piece? how did you find an envelope that fit it? or did you use a small box?

  2. HAHA! Yes, I will have to come up with an extra-innovative design to commemorate that event! According to W, it did get there a-ok. I wrapped it up in tissue paper and fashioned a smaller envelope out of one of those big manila ones. I didn't want to use a box because after all, it's just a card...!


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