Monday, May 30, 2011

Onion Rings

In addition to all manner of potato goodness, I also enjoy a good onion ring now and again.  Similar to the fries that I usually make (see this post), I decided to bake my onion rings as well to turn this guilty pleasure into a not-so-guilty go-to snack.  There are tons of recipes online (like this one), but I actually didn't have any milk on hand and I felt like onion rings don't take that many ingredients to be tasty.  So, I just cut up some rings of yellow onion, dredged them in flour, dunked them in an egg wash, coated them with Panko breadcrumbs/salt/pepper mixture, and baked them at 400 until they looked done (flipping them over once after about 5 minutes).

Not the most exact recipe ever, but I think the point is that this is easy to make, and is not an exact science.  The rings came out crispy and flavorful, and perfect for dipping into ketchup.  I didn't get that deep golden brown color that comes with deep frying, but I didn't get the extra 1k calories or saturated fat either, so it was worth it!


  1. This reminds me of a recent try I had with fish-frying. My grandma in Taiwan had told me for years that the one thing she missed most about the U.S. was Long John Silvers, so this last time I finally fried up some fillets for her. Instead of flour, I used rice flour, which a friend told me would result in crispier batter. The rice flour-egg-bread crumbs recipe worked really well. I also tried a flour-egg-rice flour and beer batter mix, which didn't work so well. In hindsight, I shouldn't have used egg in the latter recipe. It made the batter soggy. One question about the baking - did you find that the batter flowed down and bunched up at the bottom of the rings? Baking doesn't apply heat as quickly as deep-frying so I imagine gravity has a greater effect..

  2. Nice memory of your grandma! :)
    I'm going to have to try rice-flour...I don't know that I've heard of it! I use rice vinegar which I had never heard of before my mom got it for me, so I'm not surprised that rice flour exists. I will look into it!
    No, the batter didn't flow down and bunch up as far as I could tell. I laid them flat on a rack (which came with the baking dish) and the bottom of the dish only had a few errant crumbs, nothing major fell off. Try it with rice flour and let me know how it goes!!


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