Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pantry Pasta (no pics...)

...but a recipe that I must share!  Okay, it's not so much a recipe as a random thing I threw together, but it was tasty.  It involves:

- boiling and making pasta the usual way, with salt added to the water
- chopping up cloves of garlic (however many cloves you like, the more the merrier) and heating it up in olive oil.  The key here is to INFUSE the oil!  Low heat, press the garlic into the oil, don't let the garlic burn
- you can remove the garlic after it has infused the oil, but I didn't - my peoples love the garlic!
-add whatever you want to the garlic/olive oil infusion at this point.  I had some ham I wanted to use, as well as grape tomatoes, so I diced them up and threw them in.  Assorted frozen vegetables would work well here too for a pasta primavera.
- Salt & Pepper (but of course!)
- when the pasta is almost done, crack two (or more) eggs into the pan (which has the oil/garlic/etc sauteeing away)
- lightly mix the eggs into the pan
- when the eggs are still runny add the pasta directly into the pan and mix thoroughly
- a dash of olive oil when ready to plate

YUM!!  This was really really yummy.  I was surprised at how much the egg came across as cheese.  Really delightful!  A true pantry pasta - no sauce required, the egg and oil create enough moisture to coat the pasta.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pasta with Jazzed-up Jar Sauce

I think I'd like to start trying to make my own pasta sauce.  Until then, I'm content with jar sauce--usually Classico because it's sold in bulk at Costco.  But I can't bear to eat the jar sauce without jazzing it up first, or else it tastes like saucy cardboard to me.  I usually end up throwing in lots of garlic (sauteed first in olive oil), onions, fresh tomatoes (which soften up in the sauce), and whatever else seems like it might fit (tonight was frozen baby peas).  This ups the flavor factor incredibly for regular jarred sauce and is a nice (QUICK!) alternative to making your own sauce (although that's next on my list).

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