Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, folks!  Last year, we celebrated by going to Disneyland.  Although fun, we vowed not to make it our tradition because, let's face it, Disneyland is one of those places that normal (read: people over the age or emotional capacity of 10+) can only go maybe twice every 10 years.  We hit our quota.  This year, instead, we went to a pumpkin "patch" (a parking lot covered with hay) in LA, realized that the pumpkins were way over-priced and then high-tailed it over to Trader-Joe's.  $6 later, we had two big pumpkins in tow and some bread and cheese for our pumpkin-carving fiesta.

H and I did a little photo-shoot, watched Julie & Julia (my Netflix pic after being forced to sit through Thor last go-around), and came up with our little guys!  Mine is, well, me, and H's is Batman :)  Best part is that because our apartment hallway is open to the air, we were able to keep the little guys lit up for hours!  Yay.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Push Pins

I made some decorative push pins last month for a friend for her office.  I made these for myself a few months ago when I decided that I needed cute push pins for my bulletin board at work but didn't like the choices I saw on Etsy.  They are super easy to make!  All you need is:

  • fabric of your choice
  • metal button kit (with pushing rubber cylinder)
  • thumbtacks
  • hot glue

I bought all the materials (except for the glue gun, which I already had) at Joann's Fabrics.  

Buy the metal button kit for the size of button that you like (making sure that the thumbtack head can fit inside the back); Follow the super simple decorations on the kit (cut circles of fabric, place metal button head-down on fabric, use pusher tool to tuck fabric into the back part, snap the metal backing piece into place); Hot glue the thumbtack into the back piece so it rests inside.  

Wrapped a little matchbox with paper, tucked the pins inside, and sent it off!  Now, off to search for more ways to make my office space less sterile...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcoming Sarni Baby

My close friend Lai is due at the end of this month and had a baby shower a few weeks ago.  Saddened by the fact that I could not attend the momentous occasion, I sent her a little gift and a little card.  For the card, I cut a onesie shape out of cardstock, embellished with some glitter paper, and then free-hand cut a rabbit shape.  Year of the rabbit after all!  I then tied a little ribbon around its paper neck and printed out the baby's moniker -- a riff off of her daddy's nickname (right?).  While the package didn't make it in time for the shower, despite USPS's prediction to the contrary (*I shake my first at you, USPS*), it did make it to Lai eventually (whew!).  Next up, getting to meet the little one herself!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oldness and Flowers

Happy birthday to me (one and a half months ago)!  :)  Flowers from my parents and H.  They know me well.  Celebration included getting serenaded by a Mariachi duet, day-trip to San Juan Capistrano, strolling the Mission, afternoon tea, walking on the beach at Dana Point, using H's gift to combat old-face, a day at the Getty.  Good times, yummy food, hot weather, impending decrepitude.

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